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The car e-paper display is revolutionizing the vehicle trade, simplifying and optimizing internal work processes and allowing them to participate more actively in the market. Our car e-papers work without electricity. Content changes are updated using predefined schedules.

Your vehicle prices and data under control at all times –
without personnel or material expenditure.

Manage your vehicle details digitally. The time is over of paper
price tags, out of date
gave and equipment features, typographical errors and incorrect prices.

You manage your vehicle details online on the well-known internet platforms.

With our interface in the car e-paper display, the information from the platforms is automatically updated and published on the respective display. With the display, the entire digital world of applications is open to you. Create a competitive
advantage and generate new leads.

direct advantages:

  • autom. updated vehicle data via Autoscout24, Car4you,, etc.
  • no printing and lamination of analog price tags
  • fast and unproblematic
    Price and vehicle data adjustments
  • Live data
  • Integrated IoT SIM card for a location-independent display
  • Economical battery management for up to 5 years

digital added value:

  • Integration of other services using QR codes
  • Customer data collection
  • Specified information can be published outside of the opening times
  • Interested parties can look for alternative vehicles on site
  • generate new leads
  • Integration of actions
  • Integration of social media
  • unlimited usable display
  • Good ecological balance