More sales thanks to the digital information system

Digital information and advertising displays are becoming more and more popular in pharmacies. Thanks to the digital solutions, pharmacies can increase the share of OTC products in sales by an average of a double-digit percentage.

automated content

With a digital shop window, you reduce waste during redesigns and thus costs. The revolutionSCREEN system enables you to achieve the greatest possible advertising opportunity in your shop window as well as in the pharmacy.

The complete content management of external advertising runs centrally and fully automatically. This means that you do not need any additional time to generate corresponding added value at your location .

The symbiosis between hardware and software

In our brochure you will find a possible selection of displays in various sizes and applications as well as a few steles and holders for a perfect presentation. Click here to download.

The revolutionSCREEN software – unlimited possibilities
revolutionSCREEN was developed for the professional use of DigitalSignage on the TIZEN operating system and is therefore the only software that runs directly on the SAMSUNG displays.

Digital signage doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive
revolutionSCREEN is the most intuitive and efficient way for companies and institutions to quickly and easily display multimedia content on any screen, display, tablet or mobile phone.

Benefit now at the turn of the year!

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More and more pharmacies are recognizing the potential of digital signage and are using digitized advertising media to draw attention to non-prescription products (OTC) and their own services. 230 pharmacies in Austria were recently equipped to advertise their own OTC pharmacy products. In addition to advertising products, the digital signage is also used by pharmacists to advertise their own campaigns, content and services, such as vaccination offers, antibody tests, theme days or product tastings. The pharmacies can also improve their customer loyalty, for example with drinking tips in summer or tips on how to behave during the cold season.

APO ONE - independent pharmacies in Switzerland

With over 150 members, APO-ONE uses the revolutionSCREEN digital signage solution . APO-ONE is committed to providing high-quality advice on health issues and a nationwide supply of medicines, medical aids and a wide range of topics relating to health and well-being.

Bring your display to life with our apps

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