3-course menu on the display

Restaurants make full use of the possibility of individually adapting the layout in the revolutionSCREEN platform. For example, divided into three parts. In addition to a digital drinks and menu, you present the daily menu and also offer space for various advertising partners, from which you ultimately benefit twice: as a location provider, you earn additional tips.

3 clicks to success

  1. Log in to and add a display.
  2. Create a playlist with the desired content from your content library.
  3. Link and schedule playlist with the respective display. The playlist is then played on the selected display.

With just a few clicks, new displays are authenticated, verified and integrated into the existing network. Thanks to the unique, randomly generated six-digit code made up of letters and numbers, you can be sure that your content will be shown on the displays you want.

Bistro du Theater

In the Lucerne trendy bar, the display welcomes you wrapped and protected in the presentation column.
Variably designed for indoor and outdoor areas and with 2500cmd power, this stele is ideally suited for outdoor use.

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