The user interface

Location-independent, fast and dynamic

This is it, our software. The revolutionSCREEN user interface is a completely new and efficient way of managing digital displays. The dashboard is easy to use and your ideas are implemented in no time.


3, 2, 1 … display coupled

In a few seconds you can add your new displays to your dashboard. The headquarters are clearly laid out. Display grouping, setting of portrait or landscape format, current content playlist or the online or offline status are just a few of the features that are presented in a clear, simple and smart way.

Complete control
Rotation, resolution, display size, operating system, restart, live preview, services and much more. revolutionSCREEN enables the administrator to keep an overview – important when there are more than 100 displays – because revolutionSCREEN will inspire you and grow with your requirements.


In a structured manner

In the library you can manage your media – pictures, videos and documents. Various views are available in the media library. You structure your data by creating folders. In addition to these options, the media library has a global search function with optional filters for images, videos and documents.

Intuitive & productive
Create a folder with your data – one click and the entire contents of the data folder become a playlist. Do you only want to show a picture or a video directly on one or more displays? Everything is possible.


The core

All media are managed in the playlist in the desired order and duration. You can move the individual elements to the desired playback position using drag & drop and create a preview directly. If you like what you see, publish it directly on the display or displays you want.

Work in groups
Work faster and more efficiently in groups. Focus on your preference. The editor creates the playlist as a draft and prepares everything. You briefly check the created playlist and with one click publish it on the desired display (s).


For the easy creation of appealing and dynamic content.

Would you like to add fresh and eye-catching content to your display? With the unique, integrated apps, you have endless possibilities. Connect your social media feeds, the live weather of your destination or stream YouTube or Vimeo videos.


In portrait or landscape format with countless sections

revolutionSCREEN not only enables displays to rotate, there is also the option of subdividing them into individual sections from a variety of templates. The individual sections with different content can be played individually. In addition to the template, revolutionSCREEN also supports individual sections.

Duplicate, edit and publish the layout directly
The created or copied layouts can be saved as a draft or published directly on one or more displays simultaneously.


Organized time-controlled content processing

Organize and automate your playlist with the weekly calendar. Put different weekly highlights with different content in your weekly plan. If no event is active, a predefined playlist is defined and activated as a content template with the “Default playlist” function.

Special Times
With the “SpecialTimes” feature, revolutionSCREEN offers the possibility of planning individual appointments throughout the year. The appointments are given a higher priority and automatically overlay the weekly appointments.

Bring your display to life with our apps

Choose your favorite services from our growing list of apps to make creating great content even easier.